The painting Three Girls

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  • March 21, 2020

The painting ‘Three Girls’ – is one such painting with an Indian theme made of oil
and old-fashioned construction, the three girls’ figures are arranged in a canvas at
triangular shape. The drawing was reduced to its simplest form without being liked again
focusing on viewers in the appearance of girls. They are not jokes, they don’t care
the faces of young girls life is good, but the face weighs under the burden of
and their future. May it be thought that they should live their people and move on to others
Unknown distant family after marriage. A transparent girl
the left is wearing Salwar Kamiz and Dupatta all in different shades of red.
The poorly-dressed black girl is dressed in green Dupatta. The color of his Kurta
it has a light blue and pink print. Against the background of yellow ocher, head and
the third girl’s shoulder is painted in light pink tones.
The colors have a slight Indian miniature glow, the palm of a finger and the finger of
the girl on the left is a bear much like Ajanta’s paintings. Girl bear situation
is not the same as the European imagery of Amrita associated with it
most of his life.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Mother Teresa (M.F. Hussain): –
[M.F. Hussain (1915-2011 A.D.): Maqbool fida hussain was born there
Pandherpur in Madhya Pradesh on September 17, 1915. He received his primary education
Indore. Welcome to J.J. School of the Arts, Bombay (now Mumbai), however, arrived
hardship, he had to leave that. To survive, he needed to make a poster
relating to cinema. The drawing name ‘Sunehare Sansar’ was displayed by Bombay
Art Society, Bombay, 1947. Thereafter his works were shown in sequence. From that he got it
international fame. Initially, he liked Basohli’s style of painting s.
Therefore, he often used bright and vibrant colors that were highlighted in his paintings. The
a series of paintings based on the Ramayana and the Mahabharata is internationally renowned.
Exhibiting violence, injustice and despair are many of his paintings. In ‘Mother
Teresa ‘has revealed love, hope and compassion; and the series is based in Britain
the state expresses ridiculous information. He made some famous pictures based on the Gulf
War, as-Theater of the unudd and splash front etc. European effect
painters such as Picasso, Juan Gris and the background can be seen in Hussain’s paintings. In this way
Hussain is not related to one style. Though her style is still contemporary, but her art is there
we have deep roots for the past. However, themes or thought and style exist
modern and modern; where the origin is clearly visible. Through his works,
The Indian government honored him with Padma Shree, Padma Bhushan and Padma
Vibhushan. Mysore University and Banaras. A Hindu university, Banaras honored him
with a degree in D.Litt. (Doctor of Letters).]

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