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  • March 21, 2020

by Somnath Hore symbolizing a lifelong protest against injustice done without it
the poor, the humble and the innocent poor of society are the rich and powerful
the ruling class. Whether it be famine or civil unrest or war, they are the first to suffer and die
sadly for thousands.
The formation of ‘Children’ is a powerful protest and demonstration
the pain the painter suffered. It is an interactive structure of five figures, all
victims of starvation. To show their complete separation, there is no background, to look at
around them, as if they were abandoned by society.
The etching shows three disabled children with a bloated stomach and thin
the rim of triangular ribs, big heads and small faces with eyes out. Their mother
standing behind them seemed to protect them. The other baby girl is equally divided
standing before them. The deeply used ribs and bones in the cheek are seen as a deep connection
wounds. The aquatint evolved behind it is not for any Chiaroscuriostic effect, but for saturation
Devi (Jyoti Bhatt): –
[Jyoti Bhatt or Jyotindra Manshankar Bhatt (born 13 March 1934): Jyoti
Bhatt was born in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, in 1934. He took a diploma in Fine Art
and post-graduate degrees from M.S. The university, Baroda, gained fame as a successful model
a famous printer and photographer. He was very impressed with Picasso and Ben
Nicholson. The specialist in printing attractive buildings is Intaglio
Technique, not only earned a reputation but also received some national and international awards

Photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels

prizes. The beauty of his paintings is reflected in ‘Devi.]
‘Devi’ expresses the concept of fertility and power that is worshiped as Shakti either
Devi in ​​the religion of Tantrik. This power lies as Kundalini, the serpent in the form of women, at
base of the spine in both male and female. With yoga, mantras and deep
meditation, this energy can be made to move from the spine to the brain where the male
the power of Shiva settles down. When those two forces join, one can gain a lot
power over the eight divine forms of the yogic ‘Siddhas’.
Jyoti Bhatt made good on this idea through his creativity. You think
the kind of Kundalini that explores the power of reproducing women in a positive way
lower print section.
But he has slightly deviated from the original idea of ​​the man’s power
brain and put this energy inside the Kundalini pen in the heart of Devi
This deviation from the Tantrik concept may have originated from words
“Pseudo Tantrik Kundalini” – printed on Devi’s right decorative chair
the head.
This can be interpreted as pretending that Tantriks are naming people for such things
the trick of specifying money for personal gain and deceiving the public about it
Intaglio black etching provides a textured texture to the snake
form. Blue shades are expertly applied to the decoration on each side
at the head of Devi. The glittering liver adorns the forehead of Devi with big big eyes
much like Durga’s photos from Bengal.

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