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  • March 20, 2020

SICK (Gulam Rasool Santosh): –
[Ghulam Rasool Santosh (1929-97 A.D.): G.R. Santosh was born in Srinagar (Jammu
and Kashmir), 1929. He was a proud sculptor, sculptor and knight. He was under
administration of N.S. Bendre, he had studied fine arts in M.S. University, Baroda. He has
paint using medium water color, acrylic and oil colors. Together
absolutely the form or nature is emphasized in the description of the real situation. He, still focused on his mind
tantric (incorporating mantras, meditation, Hath Yoga class, and ritual)
the focus in the paint section on the making of ‘Tantrica Tantra’ is similar to ‘Sri
Yantra ‘. Among them are shaped geometric shapes and colors like energy
the source of the mystery. His series titled ‘Untitled’ focuses on this as well.]
‘Names’ is one of the popular drawings in a non-graphic format that shows
Tantrik’s concept of Shiva and Shakti in the creation of the Universe. Santosh was fine
know him for Tantrism’s symbolic and spiritual teachings. He took Tantrik
signs of triangles, circles, squares, tubes and hexagons from indigenous peoples
manuscripts, small texts and astronomical manuscripts, which explain Tantrik’s philosophy
by using symbols. The triangle and its squares meet in tubes, with the hexagon as
the mysterious representation of nature through the five elements of earth, air, water, fire, and

Photo by Burst from Pexels

It has a different shape and color and creates new variations inside
a cosmogonic sign that describes the creation of the universe, which is the context of
Tantric philosophy, with a new variation in geometric shape, is basically two things
thirdly, you create a strange illusion of a three-dimensional result.
Vietnam (Dr. Kamlesh Dutt Pandey): –
[Dr. Kamlesh Dutt Pandey: Dr. Pandey was an education teacher, writer and painter. He
was one of the founders of Samikshawad (a critically acclaimed arts organization)
social and political evil).
In his lifetime he had numerous shows of his credit organized throughout
the world. He was the author of the following books- Bhartiya Rooprad and Kalaon mein
Naari Chitran. He received the ‘Youth of Millenium Award’ in 2000.]
Dr Kamlesh Dutt Pandey ‘Valture, painting is the evidence of the devil
existing in modern Indian society. An active, ready-to-snap tree
the flesh of the body without thinking of whether the animal will live or die, is great
to resemble Indian women who are treated as a creature, and to say nothing
respect for the male.
Our male-dominated society has made them an helpless creature they cannot
even consider their health. The deportation process is a shock to our community. We have to finish it
this discriminatory program creates a new world for women, when they do not feel full
freedom of life and achieve equality with the number of men.

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