Mother and Child BY Jamini Roy

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  • March 21, 2020

Mother and Child (Jamini Roy): –
[Jamini Roy (1887-1972): Jamini Roy was born in April, 1887 in petty
a family owned land in Beliatore, a town in the Bakkura district of the West-
Bengal. The wealth and culture of rural life had a profound effect on culture
the development of his later life.
He joined the Scutta Art School in 1903 where a formal training was held
help him to acquire technology and maturity. From 1925 he began to paint in the style of
Kalighat’s ‘Patuas’.
His paintings gained worldwide fame after an exhibition in London in 1946 and
others in New York, 1953. He was a solitary traveler and the art to him was the purpose.]
‘Mother and Baby’ is one of the most famous paintings of motherhood
Jamini Roy. The painting depicts the calm and calm calm prevailing in the east
philosophy. No sense of the storm and the stress of modern life give the effect of both
Mother and baby have found fulfillment in each other. This gives the diagram a
quality of timelessness.
Here in this painting the artist has limited himself to an unfinished essence
a line drawing to the drawing root. He has stripped him of all his superlatives
the decoration also makes the painted lines of curves and ellipses come alive in statuesque
quality. Contour lines produce a clear image with a dip and swelling of
the curves follow the figure with a perfect pose. Mathematical volume shapes
through tonal growth it is sensitive. Big eyes and big faces are physically radiant
complete peace and quiet can be interrupted by any pressure of modern life. The look is also easy

Image by 5540867 from Pixabay

the rhythmic lines of the whole rhythm convey the simplicity of the mother finding fulfillment
of living for her son. These figures are arranged in one front plane and there are none
front and rear lift.
Three Girls (Amrita Sher Gil): –
[Amrita Sher Gil (1913-1940): Amrita Sher Gil was born in Budapest, Hungary
January 30, 1913 A Hungarian mother of a Shani father who is a Shikh student
The royal family. The family returned to India after the 1921 World War. He was there
educated and as it showcases extraordinary talent in the arts, it was sent to ‘Popole nation’
a popular art school in France. With his educational training he achieved great
degree of well in oil.
After living for almost six years in Europe, he wished to return to India. From
1935 continued after he returned to India until his death at the age of 28, in 1941, he
about 40 oil paintings have been produced as Amrita artifacts
Sher Gil.]

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