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  • March 21, 2020

MF Hussain started the Mother Teresa series in 1979. Drawings are made in-between
different medium such as oil, acrylic etc. The most distinguished feature of those paints
that, a white Saree with a blue border is pulled from his forehead and flowing around him
a body like Byzantine draperies in the Catholic Catholics. Husman agrees
got the idea of ​​pulling Mother Teresa’s head in a white Saree with a blue boarder
from light color play from colored glass paintings to Byzantine Churches
and the Catholics who visited them. It describes the structures of his face and covers his head though
the face is always not a dark spot that is not lit by the television light. Saree and
the blue border is the same orphan’s uniform and enclosed the universe
to be a mother. Both hands are shown as holding a baby while its wide expanse of
Saree sheltered two other homeless children sleeping peacefully. Dark face too
it suggests the negligence of the ego which must be characteristic of this most unselfish person
and it is an indication of Husain’s intentional intent to avoid the cheap feeling.
The extended arm to the left assures the needy without panic while the palm is on the right
it is so placed that it holds the orphan firmly in its body.
A drawing of the descent from painter to universal mother.
Gossip (N.S. Bendre): –

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[Narayan Sridhar Bendre (1910-92 A.D.): N.S Bendre was born in Indore on the 21st
August 1910. He graduated from Agra University, Agre (now known as Dr.
Bhim Rao Ambedkar University, Agra), 1932, and a Diploma in Art from Indore
School of the Arts. For some time he taught at M.S. University, Baroda (Vadodara) .he
incorporated into his works in European Academic culture, the Indian revolution
miniatures, the beauty of Bengal art, the shape of the scene, the contrast of color with
by Cizanne and Gaugiun. She found the dressing in a bath, gouache and pestal color
painting techniques. His versatile talent took him to a figurative painting there
they adopted the elegant and legendary style of painting and gave them a way of life. In
geometric shapes, began the proliferation of dark colors displayed in hers
paintings by Thorn, Buffalo and Ford and Submitted Form. He gives the choice
cubism, he wanted to show a triple-effect rather than his double-edged lever.]
‘Gossip’ by N.S.Bendre was painted around 1957 in an oil cartel. Right up
Three village girls are standing by the pool to indulge in gossip in the village. Theirs
arrows are seen with their feet on the ground. Warm summer colors are used in
background. The molded beams of yellow, white and gray of the town
background. Light cleaning as the girls of the nation. They are in the form of triangles facing each other
some are brown in color. Indian red clips give full touch to everything
Bender’s excellence in using color and form to create a balanced composition
he seems to be at the top of the list. Rhythm color correction and bold lines
show the artist’s artistic ability. His ease of composition

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