Magic PAINTING BY Gaganendranath Tagore

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  • March 21, 2020

The essence of Rama’s victory over the pride of the sea is taken from it
Valmiki’s Ramayan, where Sri Rama is depicted ends the pride of
the sea. In one of the titles of the Ramayana, Sri Rama, with his monkey army,
prepares to travel to Sri Lanka for Sita to be released on the outskirts of
Ravana. But the great sea blocked their way. Sri Rama asks the sea to give
way but the sea does not break even an inch. Sri Rama, angry, is coming up
his bow and warn the sea to end that. The mind of Raja Ravi Varma’s artist gives it a make-up
At the time-Sri Rama was shown on a rocky beach near the beach, angry
the senses hold the bow with his left hand and the arrow with the right hand. Her clothes give way
a feeling of breeze .The waves develop rapidly from the sea toward e
the beach, moving the rocks seems to dissolve like white milk; and in between
distant waves are shown by three numbers of people, in the middle of a great shape
the sea (the god of the sea) who showed up to raise both his hands begging for Sri Rama’s refusal

Image by Dorota Kudyba from Pixabay

it does, while the two small shapes are the gods of the creepy-looking creatures
and they appealed to Sri Rama for forgiveness of their creatures. After, with
a combination of black, with the sky in the center of the light
the light of light .In this painting, the texture of color is able to attract it
the attention of anyone. This painting reflects light and light,
the qualities of European artistic style and the rhythmic inkling of defining lines.
Magic (Gaganendranath Tagore): –
[Gaganendranath tagore (1867-1938 A.D.): Gaganendranath Tagore was
Bengendranath Tagore’s big brother .He has given place to contemporary poets
the city lifestyle in his paintings in the areas of conservation ideas of Bengal art. She,
through among his images, he sought to bring about a threeimensional geometrical quality
and the European-based style of ‘Cubism’ in vogue. You did it
Imagination is rampant in society. In his painting he is named ‘Priest and
traveler ‘, has made a mockery of the religious exploitation of people
elements. His strategy is in Europe. In her photos, with the perfect combination of locations,
the color and shadow of the light, well visible to the west.]
The ‘Magic’ painting also shows how the spirit and spirit of the modern city has been captured
the formation of the work by the successful use of European water colors, Chiaroscuro (the
light and shade) and the European framework of valid subject matter
This horizontal sketch shows a wonderful play of brown, off-white stripes
and red. The bulbs look like they are seen in a prism. Separate different posts
the levels of his designation as a cubist. You have been able to successfully save variants
view through the saturated plane of broth and white. Red bottom provides a
a category worthy of a great magical personality. He has a flowing beard too
she is wearing a full Japanese dress as Rabindranath Tagore.
The figure of the queen looks like it is placed behind a wooden screen as well
the glass found in the center of the panting. The step after the magic went astray
the center of a quiet city. A tall, short human being taught by darkness
the brown robe stands quietly above the steps in the range adding a mysterious element.
Gaganendranath’s paintings are used in a combination of color and form.

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