Amar Nath Sehgal Painting Class 12th

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  • March 21, 2020

. The woman walks beside him
a man. She has a burden on her head. The dog fits the man. It’s a whole family on
to migrate. It symbolizes the migration of workers.
leaving their country in famine.clay and red Shantiniketan clay. Road case construction carries the power of
the roadsimple people around him.establishing their global connections.
Complaints Are Not Heard

Image by garageband from Pixabay

(Amar Nath Sehgal): –
[Amarnath Sehgal: Amarnath Sehgal was born in Ampbelpur of distict Atok in
Pakistan in 1922 A.D. After the Indo-Pak split, he came to India. In 1950 A.D., he found it
bachelor of arts degree from New York University. He has taught at the Mordern School in Delhi.
He is known as a philosopher, poet, poet and painter. His other creations –
A mysterious cry (a copper), a floating cry (a poem) and the Abyss of life.]
The brass broadcasting known as ‘Cries Un-heard’ by the winner Amar Nath Sehgal
the Presidents were awarded gold in 1958.


by shooting down to the world how it has over the years become a political and social victim
an injustice that no one will listen to in their protest. A mask similar to the victim’s face appears
suggest that they suffer with the permission of the wrong people in society,
who have been abusing them.
Seghal believes it is the artist’s responsibility to make the sound lessened again
the marginalized people of the world by society. The statistical distortion reflects the evil that exists in society
and a distorted view of society that has become a human misery. The
lifelong abuse has made them worthless.
Ganesha (P.V. Jankiram): –
[P.V. Janakiram: P.V Janakiram was born in Madras (Chennai) in 1930 A.D. He
is a graduate of Fine Art, Sculpture and Vocational Art from Art College, Madras.
Bhagat’s images reveal mysterious principles. Their specialty is photography
stands facing each other and is decorated with bronze again
soft brass wires. Among his leading images are Krishna, Garuda, Ganesha, no
Christ; other creations are Madona and Kid and Flute Player.]
Aesthetically P.V. Jankiram ‘Ganesha’ for heavy metal mixed in N.G.M.A.
it is one of the finest creations of the scar. It is an example of the ‘Return’ function
includes concrete castings to add steel to the style. It’s already
it’s called a front sculpture or two round drawings.
Ganesha’s six-figure figure uses two hands below to hold
Veena also played it, while the other four carried the traditional Shindura-Chakra-Gada pdma
to bear the look of the deity

Photo by Daian Gan from Pexels

The front of the scarf shows a woman’s hand that reflects her memories
from his childhood and into middle age. The other side is
A picture of a little girl with her hands folded up in the building is noticed. It
in a figurative sense it conveys the message of completeness, completeness and hidden ability. The third
the side shows women working with men who they may just represent
married life. The fourth part of the picture depicts the image of a different woman
features of a woman. Full view of the leaf sheets

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